[sticky post]Boronia Absolute Oil: An Assured Delight for your Mind and Soul
Rare to find and pleasingly fragrant Boronia Absolute Oil is a true delight for your mind and soul. Packed with refreshing-fruit like scent with floral undertones, this absolutes oil works effectively in soothing stressed mind & soul and works wonderfully in treating depression.

boronia-absolute-oil1-2A Brief Introduction of Boronia Absolute Oil

Boronia absolute oil is exclusively derived through solvent extraction method from the leaves and flowers of Boronia megastigma, commonly called brown boronia. It is a shrub cultivated for its intensely fragrant oil, which has two main aroma components β-ionone and dodecyl acetate. The chemical compounds of this oil are Ionone, eugenol, triacontane, phenols, ethyl alcohol, ethyl formate, etc.

This absolute oil is a dark yellow colored viscous liquid, which is extensively used in essential oil blends and as a food additive to improve the flavors of ice cream, beverages, baked products and even candy.

Further, for its ability to rejuvenate senses and enhance the fragrance of other essential oils, boronia absolute is widely demanded in aromatherapy. Also, it is used in perfumery, incense stick making and in aromatic industry for its sweet fruit like scent. Besides, for its aphrodisiac property it is widely used to stimulate sexual feelings.

How Boronia Absolute is Beneficial for Your Mind?Boronia Absolute Oil

Boronia absolute oil has rich scent that has a positive effect on mind and body. Some of its benefits are:

• Clears the mind
• Uplifts mood
• Treat depression, stress and anxiety
• Connects you with your emotion while removing confusion
• Supports in meditation
• Disperse unwanted thoughts
• Helps in treating insomnia
• Good for balancing thyroid
• Strengthens women’s uterus

How to use Boronia Absolute Oil?

Boronia absolute is used in blend with essential oils and absolutes. It is quite concentrated, thus it is not safe to be used undiluted. It blends well with Sandalwood, Bergamot, Orange Essential Oil Sweet, Myrrh, Neroli Essential Oil Bigarade, Jasmine Absolute, Clary Sage, Violet, Helichrysum, Costus and other oils from floral family. Two to three drops of boronia absolute are enough for a blend. You can use boronia oil in conjunction with your favorite oil in oil burners to perfume home and for aromatherapy.

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